Who we are

Who we are

The Bellcuore farm was born with a small line of quality wines that has the HEART as the main theme of its project.

The Bellcuore Agricultural Company is based in Tezze di Piave, in a place where, for centuries, in autumn days, you can smell the fermenting must; wagons of grapes have been arriving in that courtyard for centuries, ready to become excellent wine; and right here in this historic place this new project is born with a small line of quality wines that has the heart as the main theme of its project, the centrality of its label that pulsates expressing its company philosophy in this iconic symbol.

The heart represents that love and passion for the vine and wine that is in the owner’s DNA.

Tradition and innovation…a new company looking to the future, elegant and refined but firmly rooted in tradition – a tradition that at the end of the 1800’s created “La Bellussera”;a ray-shaped vine cultivation designed and named after the Bellussi brothers – Girolamo and Antonio in the Comune di

Tezze di Piave in the Treviso Province. The vine on the Bellussera grows in such a neat and regular pattern it resembles an embroidered lace or beehive. It’s like a work of art amidst the vines.

Il CUORE represents the emotional ties to the PROSECCO DOC TREVISO area and the Strada dei Vini del Piave, where the vines grow. Rolling hills and graceful plains are home to the white and red grape vines, predominantly the Glera and Rabosovarieties. 

Our vineyards lie in the “commitment zone’’ of the breathtaking landscape sin the DOCTreviso area and Strada dei Vini del Piave which are recognised as a UNESCO World heritage site. Caressed by the gentle breeze of the Piave river, the vines are surrounded by land rich in historical and cultural heritage left by 1100 years of Venetian rule.

The sinuous flow of the river shaped the land here. It’s an important area that determines the sensorial characteristics of the precious grapes that grow here.

The soil is alluvial terrain that lies near the banks of the river Piave, whose flow, over the course of thousands of years, has created fertile silt and sand-rich soils that provide the vine with a natural balance of micronutrients and carbonates.

All these additional hydrogeological aspects combined with the river’s microclimatic influence, create a pedoclimatic area and an ideal habitat for the vine.

il CUORE thrives on passion and emotions and invites you to view wine-tasting as a complete sensorial experience. Our wine is an expression of all the elements that contributed to its creation – grapes, soil, grit, sun, rain, wind, mixed with passion, hard work and care. A quality wine that is elegant, harmonious and full of character, and that is able to stimulate emotions in the palate, calling on all five senses to share the tasting experience. Sparkling wines are produced solely using the Glera grape variety, which comes exclusively from the company’s vineyards that are all within the DOC Denomination area. Today, the partners and associates of the company uphold with dedication the core values that are the philosophy of il CUORE.