Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry Doc Treviso Oro


100 % Glera

Production Area:

Our vineyards lie in the commitment zone of the breathtaking landscape in the DOC Treviso area and Strada dei Vini del Piave which are recognised as a UNESCO World heritage site. Caressed by the gentle breeze of the Piave river, the vineyards are surrounded by land rich in historical and cultural heritage, left by 1100 years of Venetian rule.


Alluvial terrains that lie near the banks of the river Piave. Over the course of thousands of years, the flow of the river has created fertile silt and sand-rich soils that provide the vine with a natural balance of micronutrients and carbonates. All these additional hydrogeological aspects combined with the river’s microclimatic influence, create a pedoclimatic area and an ideal habitat for the vine.

Grape Harvest:

Beginning to mid September. The grapes are picked at exactly the right time to keep their freshness and aromatic heritage intact.

Alcohol content:

11% VOL


A wine that’s a pale straw-yellow in colour and crystallised by a fine and persistent perlage.


The Prosecco Extra Dry is a versatile wine considered to be a great accompaniment to any meal; starters, first courses or simple fish-based main courses. It is also ideal as an aperitif or as a celebratory drink with friends.

Recommended serving temperature:

6-8° C

Prosecco is a light and elegant wine, known for being fresh and aromatic in character. The typical varietal aromas that the Glera grape develops naturally, enhance the bouquet of fresh fruity aromas like apple and pear. While the citrusy hints of lime add delicate floral notes of white flowers like acacia and linden. The moderate structure of Prosecco leaves space for a lively perlage that tickles and stimulates the taster’s palate. Its fine and gently persistent perlage makes its pale straw-yellow colour and green hues more vivid.